Sunday, December 4, 2016

Awaiting Colder Weather and More Snow

Minnehaha Academy Ski Team Volunteer Weekend

On this Saturday eight members of the ski team accompanied by three adults, including their coach Anne Rykken, spent some seven hours (total of 77 hours for the group) working on the eastern end of the Banadad. Beginning at the eastern trail head the group widened the trail for about three miles. They did a great job! The team on for these volunteer weekends call themselves the "Banadad Beavers."

Then Sunday the team went over to Bearskin Lodge to ski the summer home road.

While there is not a lot of snow for skiing, we do have four to five inches of snow on the ground. However the ground has yet to freeze
and there is an awful lot of water on the trail- in fact it is the most water I have ever seen on the trail in the fall. This week we are suppose to get a little snow then finally colder weather. Once it get down below 10 or so the trail should start to freeze, that is if there is not to much snow insulating the ground. 

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